Vaga Bonds is an ever-growing blog site that is dedicated to a cultured taste in music and drums. We aim to explore the beauty of rising musicians, drummers, and all things related to the world of music.

Since the beginning, we have gained a high amount of monthly readers reaching over 300,000 visitors a month. If you are interested in advertising with Vaga Bonds, we provide a variety of opportunities in the advertisement.

Here’s what we offer:

Leaderboard Advertisement

Our leadership advertisements offer a full-width unit that will be displayed along the top center of the blog site. This ad will provide a major footprint to media-embedded ads to increase the presence of the advertiser. The leaderboard ad offers high-quality results for your marketing campaign.

Billboard Advertisements

Our Billboard advertisement option is ideal for businesses selling music products and looking to display their product ads within a bold frame. We offer a variety of possibilities for billboard advertisements that includes videos, images, live-streaming and more.

Half Page Advertisements

Our half-page ads offer brands the option for a large display that will be displayed on the entry page. This will provide the perfect opportunities to display a bold and bigger message. It is also ideal for companies interested in displaying full-length quality images.

Video Advertisements

Our pre-roll video advertisements will be located on the page before entry. This provides excellent results as the views will be displayed directly on the site. All videos can contain up to 60 seconds of film per paid advertisement.

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