5 Musical Brands That Changed the World of Music

For decades, the music industry has gained and lost iconic musicians and bands. While hundreds of artists have come and gone, only a few have made a long-lasting impact on the world of music as we know it. In this guide, we have listed the best 5 bands that have helped shape the music industry and made music evolution.

Here are 5 musical brands that changed the world of music.

Jimi Hendrix

With the infamous electric style, it is hard to imagine music without the talented Jimi Hendrix and his guitar. With such as a short career in the music industry, Hendrix was able to make a strong impact within less than five years. To this day, his music still plays a strong impact in the top artists around. Hands down, Hendrix has earned his reputation as the most influential guitarist of all time.

Bob Dylan

Known for his unique tone and originality, singer Bob Dylan never stuck to a single music genre but rather tipped his music into many. He began his music career as a folk singer as gradually incorporated the electrical instruments to follow the blending genres. This musician was well to experiment with almost every genre of music that includes jazz and Irish folk. His top hit single, “Like a Rolling Stone” is still a famous song that plays to this day.

James Brown

Most known for his genre in funk rock, James Brown was named the Godfather of Soul Music. For over sixty years, James Brown spent his career on stage where he used his platform to talk about segregation, racism, and quickly become an icon legend.

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock was one of the original rock and roll musicians. His influence in music has led him to form a strong role in music, culture, and fashion.

The Beatles

Not long after the reign of the King of Pop, the Beatles become the most popular English rock band of all time. To this day, they still hold the record for the most hits consecutively in all of music history.

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